There are two different ways that max20 can help you in finding a job: 

Permanent Employment

If you are to be a permanent employee, you will be engaged under a Contract of Employment by your employer. Both employer and employee have rights and obligations under that contract in accordance with employment legislation that it covers. 

Contract Assignments

As a contractor you are engaged to carry out specific work for the duration of the assignment, and you are bound by the provisions of the Master Agreement for the Supply of Services as applied and agreed. The actual terms of the contract for services will be dependent upon the client with whom we have an agreement.

If you work as a contractor at a client’s site, there are two contracts involved - one between yourself and max20 and the other between max20 and the client. There is no direct contractual relationship between you and the client.

The contract between you and max20 works as follows:

Our full terms and conditions and other documents and forms that you will require when working with max20 can be found on the downloads page of this web site.