Do we really have an understanding of what this means within our Organisations?

19th March 2014

Written by John Coleman

So, what does the Project Lifecycle mean to you?  Does your Board support you in your attempts to do an outline business case, followed by an Interim Business Case and finally a Full Business Case, as you follow the processes through and start to put meaning to the fog that is Change investment?  Or are you, like many others, asked to produce a cost and benefit case within a couple of weeks of someone's idea, and then spending the next 12 months of your life being driven to deliver against it?

The Project Lifecycle is actually a wonderful thing, giving us the framework we need to deliver Projects in a controlled, open and transparent way.  It has built in check-pointing which ensures the correct stakeholders across the organisation are continually sighted on the changes and emerging complexities of any change programme, whilst ensuring Project Managers continually update their financial forecasting in-line with changing circumstance.  It gives any Board the comfort of knowing it can continually assess the viability of its change portfolio and take action early on any project that looks like overspending, or under achieving, at an appropriate point in delivery.

So why do so many organisations continue to commit to a change programme based upon early and incomplete analysis, then insist upon it being completed regardless of changing circumstance and then wonder why, despite completing 10 change projects this year, our costs haven't gone down and our processes haven't become more efficient?

The answer for me is simple, we understand what a project is but do not invest in the Organisational Capability to deliver wholesale change and the discipline's that have to be followed for this to be successful.

Get to know your Project Lifecycle, understand gated processes and be bold enough to use them - wholesale... 

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