August 19th 2018  - World Photo Day and World Humanitarian Day 2018

There’s been a lot of talk in the max20 office about photography over the last few weeks and, by popular demand, we are bringing back our desktop calendar for 2019 and therefore resuming our annual photograph competition! This has always been very popular with our contractors and clients alike and creates a real buzz in the office when we receive your fantastic entries – We will be releasing more details about this in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for our opening and closing dates for sending us your photographs.

Previous max20 desktop calendars...would your picture look good as our 2019 cover?

Photography lovers across the globe will be celebrating World Photo Day On 19th August. The main aim of this is to inspire positive change across the world and to connect people using photography.

Australian photographer Korske Ara began this in 2009 and the date of the 19th was chosen as it is the date that the patent of the daguerreotype (an early method of photography) was purchased by the French government and it is also the same day as World Humanitarian Day.

Just 250 people signed up to participate in 2010 and World Photo Day now reaches a global audience of 500 million. Participants can share their photographs and raise awareness of the issues that are important to them and their communities.

“I believe that photography has the power to tell stories, inspire generations and create positive impact in the world”
– Korske Ara (Founder, World Photo Day)

In 2018, World Photo Day is being held to support the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, an organisation which supports children and families affected by Cerebral Palsy. Photography fans can participate in several ways including sharing their best photographs on social media, entering competitions, purchasing one of World Photo Day’s books or just donating via the website here

On the same day, we also celebrate World Humanitarian Day which was established in 2008 by the United Nations General Assembly and first officially celebrated in 2009. The date of 19th August was chosen as it marks the anniversary of the bombing of the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, an event in which the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and twenty others lost their lives.

The purpose of World Humanitarian Day is to raise awareness of the plight of civilians around the world who have become caught up in conflicts, and honour and raise support for the humanitarian workers who risk, and sometimes lose, their lives to help.

This World Humanitarian Day we continue to bring attention to the millions of civilians affected by armed conflict every day. People in cities and towns struggle to find food, water, and safe shelter, while fighting drives millions from their homes. Children are recruited and used to fight, and their schools are destroyed. Women are abused and humiliated. As humanitarian workers deliver aid, and medical workers treat the wounded and sick, they are directly targeted, treated as threats, and prevented from bringing relief and care to those in desperate need.

Join the #NotATarget movement and demand world leaders to do everything in their power to protect all civilians in conflict here

Two very different celebrations on this day.....Will you be getting involved?

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