19th November 2013

Written by Don Tomlinson (MD of max20 - NHS People)

The max20 online concept – an interview with online media publication Contract Calculator with introduction from Don Tomlinson 

2013 has been a year of great change for the NHS and in turn for max20.

A year ago, for example, NHS experience for IT positions that we specialise in often demanded sector specific experience.

This position remained constant from when max20 began recruiting IT contractors some 12 years ago.  So the NHS’ openness to consider IT professionals from the commercial world reflects a radical change in its outlook as well as its structure and ambitions.

We, at max20, have been undergoing change. 

Yes, we aim to maintain the principles that have served us and we hope our clients and candidates well, most notably a personal and reliable and proactive approach to our business relationships.

But we want to offer more and one way we think we can achieve that is through our online offering.

The new online portal we have just launched is a synthesis of a jobsite, LinkedIn, a magazine offering professional opinions and community for anyone seeking to work within healthcare IT and indeed within the NHS in other disciplines.

It is evolving with ideas such as online forums being planned.  We welcome your thoughts about what you want to see. 

I would also like to introduce Mark Cherry if you have not met him as yet.  Mark is working as our Web Marketing Manager will be making contact with NHS organisations throughout England and Wales, informing them how they can use the website and blog in their recruiting and communications. 

Please link through to an interview I just gave to Contract Calculator that goes into more detail on our proposition, which I think is a little unique and different in our field and sector.

I look forward to hearing from you and developing the max20 online offering further.

Don Tomlinson

Managing Director


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