05th March 2014

Written by Peter Ramejkis 

Working with max20 for the past 5 years has been really beneficial to my career not only have they helped me get the right contract but also they have helped me gain more knowledge in numerous different areas and also helped me gain the experience needed to take the next step in my career.

My latest contract has me working for the Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust (LCH). I am currently under contract as an ESR Trainer. I work in a team of 9 people in the newly redesigned Liverpool Innovation building in the Wavertree, I am contracted in to train the staff of the LCH in a system that is designed around the staff themselves. The basic outlay of the system is that the staff themselves can now control their personal information and development in a secure environment accessed using SmartCard technology. The system is run in a secure environment and allows the user not only full access to their personal information but also the opportunity to view payslips online for the past 8 years and all there records to that date as well. There are also major opportunities in the system for development and the LCH are already looking to expand the system.

My role as an ESR Trainer is primarily to train the staff in the use of the system. During a normal working week I will visit a number of different trust sites and deliver the training to groups of people ranging from 1on1 sessions to full lecture theatres. The system is one of the most intuitive systems I have trained for a long time, the LCH have really hit the nail on the head with this one and it is a refreshing change to train a system that is on the whole accepted by all the staff as a system that works for them.

The team that I work with are all brilliant and everybody is extremely focused on what they do and they work well with each other. Everybody is caring and ideas flow freely through the team, on the whole I couldn’t have asked to be placed with a better group of people.

The opportunities in the team are great as well and my knowledge in previous employments of mobile devices has come in handy as the LCH are now looking to move towards mobile devices that can accept smartcards and leave iPad technology behind.

In finishing I would say thank you to my Agency for the opportunity to work in such a great place and I hope that the future is bright here.

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