8th January 2014

Happy New Year to you all and I hope that everyone enjoyed the Christmas break.

It is without question that social media and mobile technology is on the rise. As a result of this, max20 – NHS People decided to launch a revolutionary new Online Job Board www.max20.com on 20th October 2013.

As 2014 was quickly approaching following the launch we decided to create a survey of nearly 300 carefully selected members of max20’s NHS Community. The survey was sent out to get their thoughts on this new concept and here is what they had to say:

Regarding how user friendly our new job board is:

92.5% stated it was “simple” or “easy” to “APPLY FOR A JOB”.

54.7% stated it was “simple” or “easy” “TO USE”, with a further 30.1% saying it was “OK” – some 84.8% having a positive view combined.

The QUALITY OF INFORMATION AND HOW IT IS DISPLAYED also registered high marks, with 81.7% noting a positive response; 44.3% replied “very good” or “excellent.”

When asked “HOW WE COMPARED TO OTHER ONLINE JOB BOARDS”, 52.2% stated we displayed a comparable standard, and 38% went further and said we are “better” in our offering.

max20 – NHS People recognises THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA in the modern world and was interested to find out what social media platforms were the most popular. Facebook ranked as the most popular application with 42.8%, LinkedIn comes a close second with 34.1%.  Of particular interest is the emergence of Google + (ahead of Twitter by some margin), an application we are developing to reach candidates more effectively.

The TYPE OF DEVICE that members of our community use to access our new job board was a question of particular interest to us as mobile devices are becoming more popular. While laptops dominate with desktops in the devices used, some 14.9% use mobile devices the most to access the job board and 7.6%, use tablets.  It will be interesting to see how these responses change in the next two to three years.

This was an enlightening survey with some very interesting results. It shows that we have created a job board that the majority of people find easy to use and clear to understand/ navigate. When compared against other online job boards we were ranked as comparable if not better than which is great to hear. We will be using the information gathered on social media and device types in our development plans for the New Year and it is important to point out that this will be an ongoing development.

Our aim is to become the “go to” job board for any IT contractors who currently work for or are interested in working for the NHS.

We look forward to working with you all and wish you the very best for 2014.

To see the full results from our survey please follow this link: Survey Results

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