70 Pivotal Moments on the 70th Birthday of the NHS.......The First Decade

From its birth in 1948, the NHS believed that good healthcare should be available to all, free at the point of delivery. The intention being that this will be financed entirely by taxing people according to their means. This principal remains at the heart of the world’s largest, most efficient, comprehensive publicly funded health service that we know today.

Here at max20 we are looking back at 70 pivotal moments in the NHS on the week of its 70th Birthday.

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70 Pivotal Moments of the NHS....1959-1968

We celebrated the 70th Birthday of the NHS yesterday by officially launching max20 Project Solutions at Aintree Racecourse for the annual iLINKS Innovations Conference and Exhibition which showcases innovations and technology to explore the benefits across health services. This years event was organised by NHS Informatics Merseyside who we are proud to work alongside.

As part of our NHS 70th Birthday celebrations, we are looking back at 70 pivotal moments of its history. Today we look at the second decade, the end of the Fifties and into the Swinging Sixties 1959 – 1968

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