Recruitment agencies often have a reputation for charging high prices and delivering poor services.

We, like all conscientious recruitment agencies, want to improve the reputation of our profession and do our best to challenge negative viewpoints.

max20 is all about honesty, openness and service.

It is a set of principles that guides our interactions with customers, be they NHS organisations or candidates. We let you know, whether you are a client or candidate, the rate we charge out and what we pay to contractors.

We have since our inception in 2001 sought to understand candidates and clients, and work towards offering a service to both that is above all reasonable expectations. max20 tries to convey our approach through the actions of our staff.

We strive to offer genuine care for those we work with in all communications and activity. It is hard to prove that we deliver on our approach, other than to work with us, here at max20. However, we can say before you contact us that we have worked repeatedly with many customers and candidates over many years. Some of their testimonials can be viewed here.

We count more than 200 NHS bodies and thousands of contractors as loyal customers and candidates.