Why you should select max20 to represent you

When you choose a recruitment agency to represent you it is a decision that requires trust and the promise that it will deliver the best opportunities available – it is your career after all.

So why choose max20 to represent you?

Firstly, we believe, we are the only recruitment agency completely dedicated to supplying Non-Medical interims & contractors working in the NHS. It means that our account managers, who you will discuss your future with, fully understand the NHS.  They understand the major changes taking place. 

They also note the smaller daily changes, freely exchanging observations and information with their colleagues. They know what the NHS wants, Trust by Trust, Service by Service as well as the specific requirements of individual hiring managers within the NHS.

max20 are about building relationships

This means we aim to understand you: your skills, experience and personality.  We are very much about people – it is why we are growing. We are requirements driven, not just results driven.  So we will not thoughtlessly send your CV over or send you to an interview to make up numbers.

What we aim to do is match skills and experience.

The ideal result max20 aims for is that the only thing outside our control is whether your personality fits with your prospective NHS employer, and we try to anticipate this as much as we can as well.

Placing you is what matters

We generally get it right – many of our contractors have multiple renewals, often for contracts that initially had been set to specific terms. Some are made permanent offers.

We want our clients to be happy and we want you to be happy as well, we realise talented professionals are a precious resource. It is why we believe that if you decide to make max20 the agency to represent you, we will be your agency, not just now, but for many years to come.

Why not call us on 0161 941 5026 to discuss what you want and what we can offer?

We have over 200 NHS organisations in our client base, across England and Wales that might be your door to a new exciting step in your future career.